Experience acupuncture at Synergy – the revitalising and healing traditional Chinese medicine.

Calming and gentle

A relaxing therapy that promotes restoration and overall well-being to leave you feeling your best.

Traditional acupuncture

If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort, acupuncture can be transformative.

Focused on you

Our acupuncturists will make you feel comfortable – your wellness journey is our priority.


Acupuncture at Synergy

Acupuncture has been practised for thousands of years, and we’re proud to offer this ancient Chinese medicine in a thoroughly modern setting.

Our qualified acupuncturists will put you at ease and take time to collaborate with you. The gentle placement of special needles promotes a sense of calm, invigorating and restoring balance throughout the human body systems.

Your genuine care and comfort is our greatest priority. You will experience a deep sense of relaxation as you’re guided through your personal healing journey.

For many patients, once they have tried acupuncture, they never look back.


Book your acupuncture appointment

Our acupuncturists would love to welcome you to our Cayman Islands clinic. Book your next visit to Synergy – we look forward to welcoming you and guiding you through your personal wellness and healing journey.

Relieve, restore and

Acupuncture is seen by many to be a natural healthcare treatment. The benefits are vast and rewarding. Here’s why choosing Synergy for your acupuncture experience will set you up for success.


Our acupuncturists are traditional practitioners who are advanced in their training and highly skilled.

Effective relief

Acupuncture can help with discomfort of various kinds – from menstrual issues to musculoskeletal pain.

A holistic view

Our acupuncturists specialise in advanced and integrative techniques for your healing journey.


When you visit a good acupuncturist, your worries melt away – and your only problem becomes not wanting to leave.

For many people, acupuncture is simply life-changing. For those experiencing challenges with fertility, addiction, headaches, trauma, blood flow or menstrual issues, a trip to an acupuncturist can truly alter one’s perspective.

And by experiencing acupuncture at our relaxing clinic, you can switch off and enjoy a true state of calm.

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We offer more than just acupuncture, and the Synergy team are ready to welcome you to our beautiful Cayman Islands clinic. Learn more about our expert therapies.


Individually tailored physiotherapy services, including soft tissue, manual therapy and
strengthening to enhance your body.


From overall neurological and spinal issues to vascularity, lymphatic and fascial systems – our chiropractors clear the pathways to healing.

Massage therapy

Our certified massage therapist will leave you feeling rejuvenated during your rehab with gentle soft tissue and fascia therapeutic techniques.

Your path to wellness starts at Synergy

A visit to Synergy’s acupuncture team could be the transformation you’re waiting for. Book an appointment and we look forward to welcoming you.