Massage Therapy

Relax, unwind and put your mind at ease with our restorative massage therapy treatments.

Reiki master

Our lead massage therapist is a Reiki master who’ll unlock your energy healing potential.


Gentle massages and movements of the soft tissue to restore your path to wellness.


Everyone’s body is different, and we’ll listen to your needs and treat you like an individual.

Massage therapy made for you

Your massage therapy will be tailored to your health benefits and conditions. 

We will integrate a balanced and healing combination of Therapeutic Massage, Medical Cupping, Gua sha, relaxing Hawaiian Sacred Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Sports, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue, and Shiatsu.

Reiki can be requested to enhance your therapeutic massage with the added benefit of energy healing and realisation.

Massage Therapy



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Why you’ll love our
massage therapies

Massage therapy at Synergy is a unique experience. You’ll be able to lie back and truly switch off as our experienced, intuitive masseuse works their magic. But what makes our massage therapy unique?

A holistic approach

Enjoy the convenience of therapeutic massage services alongside physio, chiro and acupuncture therapies.


If you need help with your rehabilitation, we offer therapeutic massage to enhance your healing journey.

Designed for comfort

No two bodies are the same, and our massage therapy is designed to be as personalised as possible.

Experience the restorative
power of Reiki

With Reiki you can experience the restorative power of a therapeutic massage.

If you’re after a purposeful, energetic and rejuvenating massage, you’re sure to benefit from the healing and rehabilitative results that can be achieved.


Discover your
perfect Synergy

The wonderful Synergy team offer massage therapy and more. Read about our various health and wellness therapies.


Our acupuncturists are experts in this traditional Chinese medicine that has been practised for centuries.


Our experienced physios will support you with stretches, exercises and massages to leave you feeling revitalised.


Our trained chiropractors deliver holistic manual therapies that will complement your musculoskeletal system.

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Ready for your massage therapy? Take your next steps to wellness and visit our warm and inviting Cayman Islands clinic. Prices and duration are listed in the online booking portal.