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Women’s Health & Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Women’s Health physiotherapy is a specialised field of physiotherapy that focuses on female related problems. Considering the complexity of the pelvic floor it needs specialist attention when something goes wrong.

Most women may be familiar with ‘Kegel exercises’, but few really know how to do these or feel confident that they are doing it correctly. Then there are the questions of ‘how much is enough’ and ‘how often should I do these to make a difference’? It is important to get it right, and Womens Health Physiotherapists have the knowledge and skills to help you with this.

There are many causes of pelvic floor weakness, the most common being pregnancy and childbirth. However, pelvic floor dysfunction is not only reserved for those who have had children. Constipation, a long standing cough, repeated lifting, overweight, smoking and some keepfit exercises can weaken the pelvic floor. Increasing age and hormonal changes around menopause can contribute to pelvic floor dysfunction. Overactive pelvic floors are not uncommon and can be as problematic as weak muscles, so guidance is necessary for good outcomes.

Symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction include leakage, urgency to go, incomplete emptying, discomfort due to pelvic organ prolapse, painful intercourse, to name a few.

The good news is that Women’s Health Physiotherapy support is available here in Cayman. If you have trouble ‘finding your pelvic floor’ or just want to be proactive book an appointment.

Synergy’s specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist Danielle Trader has over 13 years’ experience along with education at Prestigious Canadian Universities. Holding an Honours Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo and a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy from Western University. Being an avid believer in a balanced healthy lifestyle and a mother of two, Danielle is passionate about helping her community.

We welcome you to have a consultation to see how Pelvic Floor Physio can improve your life and aid in overall wellness.

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