Book a physiotherapy session at Synergy and enhance your fitness and health at our beautiful gym.

Integrated physiotherapy

Our manual therapies are designed to enhance your body’s ergonomics.

Rehab exercise

Start your journey towards your optimum musculoskeletal fitness and health.

A warm welcome

The Synergy physiotherapy team creates a zen-like environment to help you switch off.

Passionate about

Our world-class physiotherapists will make your visit to Synergy a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

We deliver individually tailored physiotherapy services, from stretching and strengthening to massage therapy, pelvic floor, paediatrics, sports therapy, manual therapy, occupational, ergonomic assessment, pre and post-surgery, chronic pain, pre and post natal and all musculoskeletal therapies to help you on your way to a healthier body composition.

You will benefit from a thorough evaluation, education and therapies that will put you on the path to healing and wellness.




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Book a physiotherapy appointment

Our physiotherapy team is ready to welcome you to our beautiful Cayman Islands clinic. We respect everyone and you’ll be treated like an individual.

Feel better, live better

If you’re looking for physiotherapy, the Synergy team will help you on your path to good physical and mental health. But what makes us different?

Expert manual therapies

Our physiotherapists offer a range of soft tissue manual therapies, stretching and strengthening. We evaluate and treat the whole body and empower you with insight and awareness.

Strength training

From floor pilates and strengthening exercises to expert rehab therapies, we’ll ensure you have every physiotherapy solution you need to build your core strength and confidence.

Pelvic floor support

Our physiotherapists specialise in pelvic floor strengthening for men and women, helping you to move and function optimally. Having a stable and strengthened pelvic floor and core is life changing.

Physiotherapy at its finest

Few things are more crucial than the ergonomics of your body and how it functions day after day.

Our physiotherapists are focused on strengthening your muscles – large and small – so you can build a stronger body composition and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

From the pelvic floor to your entire musculoskeletal system and extremities, we’ll work on exercises that enhance your strength and fitness.

We’re also proud to get referrals from top medical clinics here in the Cayman Islands. If you’re experiencing physical challenges pre or post-birth, our physios are here to support
you and your baby.

health insurance

Insurance without the stress

When you’re thinking about your health, at Synergy we can verify your insurance benefits.

If you have any questions or concerns about your insurance, get in touch with our friendly admin team. We’re always happy to help you out.

Discover Synergy today

Our physiotherapy services are just the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about our other health and wellness therapies.


A calm and gentle therapy delivered by our trained acupuncturists to enhance your overall wellbeing.


Meet our brilliant chiropractors whose manual therapies will leave you feeling restored and revitalised.

Massage therapy

Relax and unwind with a restorative massage from Synergy’s certified massage therapist.

Rediscover your best self

Looking to book a session? Let Synergy’s fantastic physiotherapy team transform your health and wellbeing.