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Workstation Assessments at Synergy

“A workstation assessment is a systematic evaluation of an individual’s workstation and work
environment to identify ergonomic issues and make necessary adjustments for optimal comfort and safety.”

Why have a Workstation Assessment?
Workstation Assessments (WSAs) have been shown to:

  1. Improve Productivity:
    A well-designed ergonomic environment reduces discomfort and fatigue, enhancing focus,
    work efficiency, and overall productivity.
  2. Reduce Workplace Injuries:
    Ergonomics minimizes body strain and stress, significantly lowering the risk of
    Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).
  3. Enhance Employee Well-being:
    Ergonomic practices foster a healthier and more comfortable work environment, leading to
    improved employee satisfaction and morale. Employees who feel supported and comfortable
    are less likely to experience physical and mental health issues associated with poor
  4. Decrease Absenteeism:
    By prioritizing employee well-being through ergonomic solutions, sick leave and
    absenteeism are reduced. This reduction contributes to better team dynamics, increased
    continuity of work, and enhanced overall productivity.
  5. Increase Employee Engagement:
    When employees feel valued and cared for by their employers, it leads to higher levels of
    engagement, motivation, and a positive attitude towards work.

Impact of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) in the workplace:
MSDs can cause pain, discomfort, reduced range of motion, and decreased productivity.
They may also lead to increased absenteeism, higher healthcare costs, and diminished
overall employee well-being. Common MSDs include repetitive strain injuries, neck and
shoulder pain, joint disorders, and muscle strains. Implementing ergonomic principles and
practices can help prevent and manage MSDs in the workplace by providing ergonomic
training, promoting proper posture, and offering ergonomic equipment and tools.

What we offer:
At Synergy, we provide comprehensive WSAs, tailored to each individual, aimed at
mitigating musculoskeletal and neural issues.
Our assessments include:

-Full on-site Display Screen Equipment (DSE) and workstation assessment at your
place of work
-Detailed employee questionnaire
-Instant ergonomic adjustments
-Workplace recommendations and optimizations
-Comprehensive report of the DSE and workstation assessment

The cost for a workstation assessment is $150. We also offer bulk rates; please contact
Synergy for more information.

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